To Kid or Not to Kid – The Movie

It comes as quite a surprise that in the 21st century we still live in a world where you’re criticized for speaking openly about the choice to live childfreeTo Kid Or Not To Kid goes deep into the lives of two women as they search for ways to support each other in making the decision to live without kids. Maxine, 45, surrounded by friends who have made the decision to have children, finally faces up to her choice and anxiously awaits the backlash when she “comes out” as childfree. Megan, younger and bolder at 25, battles stubborn local doctors and harsh stigma to undergo elective sterilization. She’s never wanted kids, so why can’t she make the choice for herself? After experiencing a huge loss in her personal life, Maxine comes out to those closest to her for the very first time. Will she be made to feel better for it, or lonelier and weirder than ever?  Learn More>  #childfree #childless #BeingFruitfulWithoutMultiplying

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