Interesting Facts

Did you know?...

Did you know?…

“The most educated women still are among the most likely never to have had a child.”(D’Vera Cohn and Gretchen Livingston Social and Demographic Trends – PEW Research Findings)
“Poverty rates for males and females are the same through childhood, but increase for women during their childbearing years and again in old age.” (The Straight Facts on Women in Poverty by Alexandra Cawthorne, Center for America Progress)
Women who choose not to become mothers are finding new paths of acceptance. As their ranks rise, so do positive attitudes about leading a life in which having it all doesn’t mean having a baby.”  Having It All Without Having Children by Lauren Sandler, Time Magazine.

“As a country’s prosperity rises, the number of children a woman has falls. But here’s the demographic riddle: Do women bear fewer children because a country is prosperous? Or does a country’s economy grow when women have fewer children? Either way, there’s a clear relationship between fertility and income.” (Machisma “Brazil’s Girl Power” National Geographic Magazine)

“Many voluntarily child-free couples are loathe to sacrifice a rewarding, creative, and often spontaneous lifestyle that includes travel, entertainment, sports, and hobbies. In short, they cherish their unfettered freedom. Couples also mention the peace, quiet, and order of a child-free home. Minimizing stress is yet another common factor many child-free couples consider when making their choice.”  (Sex & Health, WebMD)
“One in 5 women will end their childbearing years without having a child — a number that is double what it was 30 years ago.” (The Today’s Show)
“Cost of raising a child born in 2008 for parents with a combined income of $57,000-$98,000: $291,570.” (USDA) 
“As a gender-neutral program, Social Security benefits are based on an individual’s work record or the work record of his or her spouse, whichever is higher. Not surprisingly, most married women receive higher benefits based on their husband’s earnings history than on their own – because of time out of the workforce for family care giving and because of lower lifetime earnings due to continued disparities between the wages of men versus women.” (The National Organization for Women)  
First comes School, then comes Career, then comes a Future without any Fear. (Patricia Yvette, Author)

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  1. Sona says:

    I loved this post….I am childfree by choice! 🙂

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