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Join voices from around the world who have contributed to Being Fruitful Without Multiplying, and share your views.  We would love to read any thoughts you have on the subject.

Do you think there is a stigma from society towards people who are Childfree or Childless?  Do you think it is possible to live a fulfilled life without bearing children?  Were there any particular stories that stood out?   What were your lessons learned?  Your feedback is important to us.

Feel free to join our Being Fruitful Without Multiplying – Author’s and Contributor’s Group on Facebook, we would love to answer any questions you may have, or even to provide you with support about being Childfree, Childless or on the fence.

9 Responses to Questions or Comments

  1. My name is Rina, and I am a Psychologist from the Ukraine.

  2. Kelly-Ann says:

    My reasons for choosing not to procreate. Kelly-Ann, Beauty Consultant – Jamaica.

  3. I’m a single young adult, so I rarely get the question, “Do you have kids?” Most of the time, when I do, a simple, “No,” is enough to end that topic of conversation. I have been lucky to not receive so much stigma (yet). My mom still does not understand my decision, though!

    • BFWM says:

      Once you get married or approach your thirties, the expectation of procreation becomes more prominent. However, this new generation of young women may eventually tip the scales a bit, and eliminate the stigma involved in choosing not to procreate; time will tell. Thanks for your response Flamenco.

  4. Mike Lettini says:

    My wife cannot have children so we adopted two children. Two daughters that are absolutely the joy of our lives. We now have four grandchildren who are the most fabolous kids in the world. One will surely become famous if not the president of the USA. We have no doubts about adopting our girls.

    • BFWM says:

      As discussed in our book, there are many couples who are unable to conceive, but it doesn’t mean they must settle for a childless existence if having a child is what they truly desire; there are alternatives. Thanks for your response Mike.

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